Sneak Preview: Fertility and Inequality Across Borders: Assisted Reproductive Technology and Globalization

18 09 2009

300px-Art_travelWe are pleased to announce the following paper is to be presented at the upcoming Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference (Oct 19-30):

Eileen Smith-Cavros (Nova Southeastern University)

Fertility and Inequality Across Borders: Assisted Reproductive Technology and Globalization


“Globalization is affecting even the most private decisions people make in their lives including how to start a family. Many residents of higher income countries are beginning families later in life, as many couples commit and/or marry later and many women choose to establish themselves in careers first. Since infertility issues increase with age, these couples therefore are more likely to experience infertility issues. In addition, an increasing number of single parents and gay and lesbian couples desire to begin families. Today in higher income nations, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) is available which allows most couples or singles wishing to start their own family to find success with their own genetic materials or with donor sperm and/or donor egg. The price of ART in higher income nations, however, is often not fully covered (or not covered at all) by insurance; and if it is covered, waiting lists can be lengthy. As a result, ART clinics have sprung up across the globe, particularly in middle income countries, and patients often travel thousands of miles from their homes to seek success at lower costs. This article surveys academic and popular literature to examine the societal, ethical, medical, and familial implications that arise with this relatively new concept of “Travel ART.”

If you would like to be informed when this paper goes live during the conference, please register for free here:

During the conference you will be able to access the full text and commissioned commentaries, with the opportunity to discuss and share your thoughts on the issues raised.



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