Keynote Speaker Profile: Regenia Gagnier

6 10 2009

Gagnier Polaroid

Professor Gagnier will be giving an introductory talk entitled ‘Why Interdisciplinarity?‘ on Monday 19th October

The books of Regenia Gagnier have shaped the study of Victorian and modern culture with highly influential work on decadence, aesthetics and aestheticism, lifewriting and subjectivity, economics, individualism, and globalization. Idylls of the Marketplace: Oscar Wilde and the Victorian Public (Stanford, 1986) considered the role of the artist in market society. Subjectivities: A History of Self-Representation in Britain 1832-1920 (Oxford, 1991) analyzed the relationship of social class and gender to literary form. The Insatiability of Human Wants: Economics and Aesthetics in Market Society (Chicago, 2000) traced the moment when aesthetics and economics shifted from substantive to formal models and production to consumption. She has just completed Individualism, Decadence, and Globalization (forthcoming Palgrave 2010), and her current research is on the global circulation of the literatures of liberalism. Gagnier is Editor in Chief of Literature Compass and Professor of English at the University of Exeter, and Director of Exeter Interdisciplinary Institute (EII).

During the conference you will be able to view a ‘videocast’ slideshow, or alternatively download the audio podcast, and access the full text. You will be able to discuss and share your thoughts on the issues raised.

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