Publishing Workshop: 10 Things New Scholars should do to get published

23 10 2009

By Duane Wegener, Professor of Social Psychology, Purdue University

In this podcast Duane provides tips for those starting out in their academic careers and wanting to get published. This advice is indispensable no matter what your discipline!

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One response

23 10 2009
Maeve O'Donovan

I want to thank Duane Wegener for his helpful essay – every suggestion is useful. I particularly appreciate recommendation number two, to aniticipate the reviewers. Since journals are blind review, I’ve always assumed this meant I could not know who would be reviewing. Prof. Wegener is not challenging this; he is instead pointing out the obvious, but in my case overlooked, point that published lists of review boards can be a good guide. It is so important to have an audience in mind when writing an essay, and it can be frustrating to not be able to do that in a focused way when submitting for publication. So thanks, again, for helping me find a way to better anticipate that audience.

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