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If you have any suggestions about how we can improve the conference, or what we could do better in future years, please use the comment function at the foot of this page to tell us your ideas.

Mailbox•Can you think of a new feature we should include?

•How did you find the presentation of material on the website?

•What are the advantages and disadvantages of a virtual conference in your opinion?

•Make us a proposal about future collaborations!

•Is there a new technology that you think we should experiment with?

•Anything else?


    The Compass Team

    3 responses

    21 10 2009

    Instead of listing the conference papers sequentially down the page, consider displaying them in a flash player video at the top of the page so users don’t have to scroll down endlessly to see if there are any papers that interest them.

    Keep content on top of the page.

    21 10 2009
    Liam Cooper (Managing Editor)

    Thanks, Renada!

    One of the reasons that we’ve opted for the simpler blog format for the conference is to give a sense for ‘real-time’ participation, just like you’d get at a regular conference.

    Flash is cool and allows for more interactivity, but it also comes with a host of attendant challenges;

    Our delegates would have to download the Flash player in order to browse the papers.So the range of visitors could decrease considerably. Users also generally have to wait longer to load Flash stuff compared with simpler sites. This is of particular concern for us since we are trying to include (and engage) scholars from developing countries, often with more limited access to technologies.

    Also, if the content is presented in Flash, most search enginescan’t effectively index it. Hence; less people finding out about us!

    But thanks for your feedback – we will definitely be exploring interactive options of the type you suggest.


    24 11 2010
    Nazneen Gazdar

    The whole conference was very much usefull, thanks to all the presentators as well as to Wiley-Blackwell journals, i would like to suggest that if we get conference in future there should be papers on different feilds of human development/child development, too, so that we can also take part in the conference as a presentator. Thanks alot again for the whole Conference Presentation.

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