The Conference Ends without Closing…

30 10 2009

Final sunsetNow that we’ve come to the end, the Compass team would like to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who has participated and made our first virtual conference an overwhelming success. The authors and presenters have been, without exception, engaging and professional to the last. We’d also like to extend a special note of thanks to our virtual attendees, who have kept the discussions alive with insightful commentary, and their openness to explore issues across disciplines.

There will be no new content uploaded to the site after Friday 30th October, but there is still much to discuss. All of the presentations and comments will remain on the website indefinitely, and we’d encourage you all to keep engaging with the content so long as there are issues to be explored, and interdisciplinary barriers to be broken down! If you sign up to receive email alerts of new comments, you can keep up with any ongoing conversations.

We sincerely hope you have enjoyed the conference – here are some things that you can do to stay in touch:

  • Check out the Compass journals and recommend to your librarian. Researchers, teaching faculty, and advanced students will all benefit from the accessible, informative articles that provide overviews of current research. Personal subscriptions are now also available.
  • Complete the post-conference opinion survey, coming to you next week. Your thoughts will help us make decisions about future conferences.
  • If you have suggestions, or even just a short comment, you can pop it in our Suggestion Box or Email us
  • Access the Publishing Workshops and Keynotes via iTunes (as from the conference website). The raw feed for the podcasts can be found here.
  • Share our keynote video lectures via our Vimeo channel
  • Tell others about your experience of the conference!

Final reminder: your 20% book discount token is valid until 15th November, so visit the book exhibit before then.

Until next time…?

Thanks again,

The Compass Team

Conference registration closes Friday – last chance to claim delegate benefits!

28 10 2009

Bernhard_von_Clairvaux_(Initiale-B)All the presentations at the Compass Interdisciplinary Virtual Conference will continue to be available after Friday, so do continue to comment!

However, conference registration will close on Friday so this is your last chance to qualify for the following delegate benefits:

  • Up to 40% discount on Compass journals for your library
  • 20% discount on ALL Wiley books
  • Free online access to over 200 journals


What Compass is All About

26 10 2009

At the start of week 2, we thought it was time to introduce ourselves properly. Click here to meet the team. Compass is a unique set of online journals published by Wiley-Blackwell, covering the disciplines which this conference addresses: History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Geography, Language/Linguistics, Sociology, and Social Psychology/Personality. Compass only publishes review articles, which are accessible to non-specialists, which includes people from other disciplines. All of the journals are cross-searchable, leading to fascinating connections between disciplines, hence the theme of this conference. Click here to see all the journals. Your library can save 40% on a subscription if you use our recommendation form,  which you get by clicking on the journals in Book Exhibition. The journals are also available on personal subscription, click here for information, and individual articles can be purchased for $1.99 each. And if you take part in our post-conference survey, you will be entitled to a free personal trial of Compass.  The conference papers will go through a final revision before being published in the relevant journals.  We hope that you’ll find the journals of interest – and enjoy the rest of the Compass conference!

Update: Book Exhibit & Discount Code

23 10 2009

Bernhard_von_Clairvaux_(Initiale-B)Just another reminder for eveyone to visit our Virtual Book Exhibit.

IMPORTANT: Some users from the USA have reported problems when using our discount code. We now know why, and we’ve fixed the problem. please try again and everything should work fine. In order to receive a discount code, you must register (for free) here.

A reminder of the great discounts you can get:

  • Up to 40% discount on Compass journals for your library
  • 20% discount on ALL Wiley books
  • Free online access to over 200 journals

Visit our Virtual Book Exhibit!

21 10 2009

Another great day in terms of attendance at the conference – do keep spreading the word as so many of you are doing!

This is a quick note to remind you to visit our Virtual Book Exhibit at  Here’s what delegates can avail themselves of:

– Up to 40% discount on Compass journals for your library

– 20% discount on ALL Wiley books

– Free online access to over 200 journals

In order to receive your delegate discount codes, just register for the conference here. Registration is free!


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