Welcome to our online Battle of the Bands. Every band features one (and in some cases, several) PhDs. Between them, they make for an eclectic and interesting lineup.

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Lychesis www.myspace.com/lychesis

PhD: Jason M. Smith (Alabama)

Genre: Prog Metal

Song: Break

In December 1999, Bill, Carol and Mark met through shared musical acquaintances to write and record music that was beyond what was playing on the radio and pervasive in heavy music. Mark’s depth in music theory and knowledge of other instruments, Carol’s approach to keyboards to blend with the music rather than control it, and Bill’s sometimes unorthodox writing techniques promised to produce some very interesting results.The search for a drummer was a long one, but eventually yielded a virtual phenom, Darryl Ailor. Darryl’s ability spanned more than just the drums, giving the song writing a new dimension as well. A chance post on a local message board provided Dave Simmons for the seat of virtuoso within Lychesis, as well as another powerful mind for the writing of the music. A search for a singer that spanned three years finally came to a halt with another chance post on that same message board. J Michaels has joined the line up as the front man. His range, power, and determination help concrete the lineup of Lychesis.Together, Lychesis has crafted a sound drawing on many of the great rock, metal, and progressive acts of the past, but one that is uniquely their own — powerful and heavy, yet melodic and engaging.

The Roscoes

The Real Roscoes http://www.myspace.com/therealroscoes

PhD: Chris Naunton (The Egyptian Exploration Society)

Genre: Indie

Song: Baggage

The Roscoes are Andrew Clark (guitar, lead vocals), Chris Naunton (lead guitar, vocals) and Jim Sutton (bass guitar). They formed in 2003 under the dubious name of Ronald Raygun, initially as a drinking club which discussed rather than acted on the idea to play music together, but after a rehearsal space was found and instruments plugged in, the magic swiftly followed. They pedal a soulful brand of guitar-based melodic pop/rock inspired by REM, The Smiths, The Pixies, Pavement, The National etc. and recorded an EP in a north London studio in 2005.

London James

London James http://www.myspace.com/ilovelondonjames

PhD: Anonymous

Genre: Eclectic and Postmodern

Song: Can You Hear Me Now?

Seattle scenster London James produces a unique blend of eclectic sounds and post-modern styles.


The House Popes http://www.myspace.com/thehousepopes

PhD: Kenneth J. Bindas (Kent)

Genre: Indie / Folk Rock

Song: Across the Floor

The HOUSE POPES, hailing from invention’s hometown, Akron, Ohio, are five (sometimes six or seven) seasoned musicians with a few too many initials after their names. “This septet of grown folks has a rootsy bar rock sound, with singalong choruses” wrote _Akron Beacon Journal_ music reporter Malcolm X. Abram, reviewing their debut CD, _Cleaning House_ (2003). The band sprawls face down in a heap of American musical styles. Chicago-based _Music Street Journal_ critic Steve Alspach said “musically they are very much rooted in the commona curious mix of rock, roots, Americana, pop, a tinge of new wave, and that sense of quirkiness that seems indigenous to the Akron area.” D.X. Ferris of the Cleveland _Scene_ describes the House Popes as a “jammy alt-folk-funk supercombo.” The House Popes aren’t sure what that means, but they like it.

Fracture Pattern

Fracture Pattern http://www.myspace.com/fracturepattern

PhD: Andy Field (Sussex)

Genre: Not mainstream

Song: Bound in a Habit of Hate

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